17 March 2011

I just keep on thinking of some poor fisherman living in the shadow of the Nuclear plant.

First he gets an earthquake, his poorly constructed house collapses around him, He staggers out injured only to be 30 minutes later runnning for his life from the Tsunami.

Then he has no home. no clothes, no way to know if his family survived and now he has to deal with the bitter cold weather and the threat of a Nuclear plant implosion.

It staggers the mind to think of what these people are dealing with right now.

I just pray they get the help and support needed in time.

Above is a comment from a person who really concern bout them in Japan. Poor them. May ALLAH save them all. 
And just now, i've read that a man (60 years old) rescued at 15km out at sea. It's an aritcle from NST, 14th March. Feel like wanna cry when i see he's only hanging on the roof of his house alone without his family, without food, in 2 days, before he had found and rescued. Thanks Allah for helping him.